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Music / Event programm

Asia atmosphere under free sky...


Live Concerts

At GREAT SILK ROAD Festival we are all about working hard and playing of course harder. After a day of growing and scaling, it's time to move and shake on the dance floor. Starting on both Festival days, we've got a choice lineup of musical acts to get you movin and groovin.
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The biggest Central Asia of Germany Open Air Festival... The whole day of 10 o'clock till the night Gissens Hessen hall the variety of the Asien cultures is celebrated. Beside Asien lusciousness, to Asian bars and a lot of kind of Craft, above all, the enlarged Bühnen-Schowprogramm stands this year in the Mitelpunkt of the Asien-Openair festivals. The cultural program offers an extremely wide mix from traditional Asian music, entertainment, dance culture and Worldwide beat to parties. Known-international artists, dancers and musicians guest together to newcomers and groups from completely Germany and offer on two big stages non-stop astonishing and exotic from Central Asia.

Applications for participation
Musikgruppe "21 Century"
Musikgruppe "21 Century"

Ballada "Neues Jahr"
Neues Jahr 2009

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