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The personal meeting
with Asian culture is able to do itself positively
on the economic relations
from tomorrow knead,
since the towns and Metropolegionen Germany
line up internationally increasingly to Asia.
Welcome to a site



of preparation and carrying out of the Third World meeting of fellow

compatriots in Germany!

07. September 2019, Messe Sindelfingen bei Stuttgart


Years change people, heal wounds of losses,

give the person to what it so long and persistently aspired.

But in a shower of each of us there live memoirs on the house,

friends, school - about our Native land.

Live in the world without wars, our native Tajikistan!

Let's look against each other now,

we shall recollect the past,

we shall talk about the present

and we shall support national unity us,

people from Tajikistan,

in independence of a residence now.


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