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XING – For a better working life

A caravan!!!
Collects friends the Most expected holiday in Germany!!!

A meeting of fellow countrymen of Tajikistan

We invite you to have a rest in a circle of friends, schoolmates, the fellow workers familiar...

To receive a charge of vivacity from new impressions, to visit an atmosphere close to you since the childhood and to attach to it new generation - your children and grandsons...

A caravan!!! A caravan!!!


"" Such holiday to pass it is impossible! "...

Inform on it to friends and relatives scattered on the countries and continents?
The is musical-comic-dancing program in east-European spirit waits for you!!!

The first, that will charm your hearing on the approach to a place of a meeting - native sounds familiar from the childhood рубобов, карнаев, сурнаев, тавляков...?

A caravan!!! A caravan!!! A caravan!!! A caravan!!! A caravan!!!

A greeting of hospitable owners of a holiday with traditional гостеприимливыми greetings and questions:
" Bacon алейкум Бародорон!!!
" Чи хеле шумо? Нагзми, сомати, дусти???..... " Хуш Омадед!!!

Welcome to a holiday, visitors dear!!!

And here? You in an environment of fellow countrymen from Tajikistan... Greetings mix up in various languages of our planet:
greetings, fine, Guten Morgen mit Guten Tag... Hallo again.... Laughter, smiles, tears of pleasure from a long-awaited meeting... In fact did not see for 20-30 years...

Our atmosphere... Our people...?

we again all together... With our habits, with ours and only with our unforgettable jokes and humour...
Cultures-мультур - business east... Not without reason were born and we lived

"under a roof of the World!!!"
A caravan!!!

Collects friends the Most expected holiday in Germany!!!
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