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Country meetings of the Germans from Tajikistan
several thousand visitors are expected country meeting of the Germans from Tajikistan

For the second time German emigrants from Tajikistan gather to a country meeting. On the 12th of September the Hessen hall stands in Giessen in the sign... Zentralasien-Open-Air-Festivals... Nuremberg, in August, 2009... Asia atmosphere under free sky... if the organizers promise to the country meeting of the Germans from Tajikistan on the 12th of September. At the same place... in the Hessen hall of Giessen... if a meeting had already taken place one year ago and had bumped into big resonance.

Beside the reunion of former neighbours, friends and colleague the presentation of the Medium Asian country stands on the programme: traditional and modern music, dance and entertainment as well as select from the tadschikischen kitchen.

The one-day event is organised by George Dell who comes from Duschanbe and since lives in 1990 in Germany. The 47-year-old who pursues an event agency in Nuremberg had organised ready in 1991 a meeting of his compatriots. At that time living emigrants had come exclusively in Germany. This year he expects like last year several thousand participants from numerous countries.

In Tajikistan 1500 Germans live even today approximate... from formerly 33,000 people who settled by the end of the Soviet Union here. The first German colonies had been founded at the end of the 19th century by Lutherans and Mennonites who could live here to her religious convictions faithful and economise.

With the deportation of the German population from the European part of the USSR in 1941 the German settlements grew substantially. After the independence of the country in 1991 and the civil war the majority has emigrated, particularly to Russia and Germany.


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